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About Us

Our experience for more than 15 years in the market makes us know that lasting relationships are not only based on professionalism, but on generating trust and closeness. We adapt to the demands of today's market, being the speed of response one of the main added values ​​together with a warm, complete and flexible communication provided by a professional and excellent human team that puts all their knowledge and experience to provide to the Customers and passengers, unforgettable trips.

As CTM Tours we have our own offices in the main cities of Peru such as Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, among other cities and as Grupo Costamar we are present in the most important countries of the region such as Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the United States. United. Also, Costamar Travel has been chosen for the fifth consecutive year the best travel agency in South America by the World Travel Awards.

Our main objective is to offer the world the opportunity to know the wonderful tourist attractions of Peru, a country full of incredible landscapes, vast and millenary culture, exquisite cuisine and impressive development that over time come enriching its profile and attractive as a destination.